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Clean Water:  Reduce, Reuse, Reycle

Clean water is essential.  We need it to live.  Here at Surfrider we highly value clean water for recreation.  Clean water is also necessary to support industry and our economy.  With that said, you would think we would not be so wasteful or careless with this precious but finite resource.  Unfortunately that is usually not the case. 

As a modern society, we are overusing water.  We are wasting valuable freshwater by using it once, mixing it with our waste, cleaning it to remove most of that waste, and then discharging it into the ocean.  This is threatening the long-term security of our water supply and polluting coastal waters. 

There is a better way though.  Together we can reduce, re-use and recycle water to protect local water supplies and to keep pollution from reaching the ocean.  USA Today recently ran an article on wastewater recycling and how effluent from sewage treatment plants can be treated and reused for irrigation, groundwater recharge or even drinking water.  They suggest (and Surfrider echos) that as the impacts of climate change become more apparent and clean, freshwater becomes more scarce, our society is going to have to stop wasting so much water and give serious consideration to all options for re-using and recycling water. See the USA Today graphic explaining treatment of water to prepare it for re-use alternatives below and link to the article here:  Florida's water worries prompt look at recycling.

The time is now to change


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