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Every single content that you create with ScribbleLive can be integrated with your website so that you can decide whether or not you want to have it public or accessible with a single sign on process or in a only-members area of the website.

Technical references: Single Sign On / API implementation.

Below we put together some examples that can be a source of inspiration for the creation of content experiences that can lead the audience to the website and increase the subscription to pay-per-view section or to create audience engagement.

Matches Coverage

Middlesbrough Football Club

Boro FC wanted to offer a coverage of the
Boro V Bolton match and to get the chance to promote the sales for their seasonal cards.

They published a stream where they started to cover the pre-match 3 hours before the kick off.  Beside the  collection of comments from fans and celebrities that are known for supporting the team, they used the ScribbeLive App with an account called Around Riverside. With that they were able to publish content unaccessible for other journalists, such as the Executive Box, the Dressing Room, the interviews to the employees of the team,...

This created also a unique opportunity for the fans scattered around the world to take part in the match.

Exclusive Content and in-stream ads
by Virginia Fiume

Promotional benefits:

Thanks to the ScribbleLive in-stream ads functionality they were able to publish automatically every 20 posts a banner that was pointing to the e-commerce platfom for selling season cards.

Boro FC gathered dozens of email addresses of fans who opted in for receiving an email notifier for the actual starting of the coverage and, most importantly, opted in for subscribing the promotional newsletter. (Here is an example of the Stream Start Time functionality. Valencia FC gathers email addresses regularly using this functionality for their weekly coverages.

Bonus track: thanks to the ScribbleLive SDK and API is possible to create different kind of visual experiences. For Football Matches or UEFA/Champions League, the Key Posts Timeline can be very helpful
[This particular implementation has an additioanl cost.
The Scribblelive Implementation service is also available for the creation of other customized front end experiences]

Field Reportage of the International Tournaments

RuhrNachRichten -;art11635,2005769
This German Media covered for 5 days the pre-match of the 2013 Champions League Finale in London between Bayer and Borussia Dortmund. The outcome is an exploration of the fan's life and of London as well.

MainPost -

Main Post organized a sponsored live coverage of the Brasil 2014 World Cup. They created account as guest writers to the different sponsor partners so that they were able to publish their own content (branded with their logo in the profile page) in the stream, according to a precise editorial calendar. Certain sponsor partners published banners, other decided to publish pieces of content. The result was so successful that this client get with this technique its ScribbleLive fee for two years.

SkySport -
They covered a live reportage from the different 92 clubs of the Premier League in one day.

Q&A with webcam answers
by Virginia Fiume

Exclusive Q&A with the Fans

Birmingham City Football Club -

Rather than live reporting a press conference, it can be nice to create a live chat between the fans and i.e.  the Club Manager. Again, this can be done publicly to drive audience on the website or as an exclusive resource for members.

In the example you can see how questions coming from the audience can be moderated and published in the most appropriate moment. Thanks to the webcam functionality the guest can answer with short videos.

Every single content created with ScribbleLive and published within a stream has its own embed code. So potentially, you can get a content published in a password protected part of the website and build a feature story in the blog  to draw the audience toward the area where they can get exclusive content.

Contests and Gamification

Journal Sentinel Football -

Thanks to the ScribbleLive Commeting tool it was easy for the Journal Sentinel launch the contest "You write the caption". They published a picture of two football players that used to play in the same team and they asked the audience to write the appropriate caption.

[Disclaimer: totally not football related :)]
Heart Radio -
In the link all the polls that you see had been created with  the ScribbleLive content atoms (see previous examples).  To get the most out of the buzz around the movie 50 shades of grey Heart radio launched a quiz for their audience. Imagine something similar about the history of Benfica.

An example of a Social Wall (Arizona Cardinals)
by Virginia Fiume

User Generated Content

Gather the stories of the fan from around the world integrating a specific hashtag or allowing them to upload their own content and displaying them in a Pinboard (that can be also projected on mega streams!).

With ScribbleLive is possible to integrate automatic content from Twitter, Instagram and RSS Feed.

Arizona Cardinals
Honda Indy Toronto
Reading _ My Town My Club
La Torche 2014 - it shows how with a simple embed you can create the pinboard wherever you want in the website.

The Pinboard visualization is part of the default package.

Bonus track: make the experience more engaging crreating a geo-localized map of the pictures gathered from different countries.
[This particular implementation has an additioanl cost.
The Scribblelive Implementation service is also available for the creation of other customized front end experiences]


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