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Overseas Development Training resources Live

Video Recording 
by Virginia Fiume

Reminder of the key actions that you need to perform when you start using your account

Account Set Up and Testing tools

At this url you have an overview of the entire help desk related to your kind of account:

It goes from how to the set up of your first event to create an embed template or a pinboard template

You can explore the Knowledge Base as you like, as a suggestion I recommend you to always give a look to the social media integration section and the Scribble features

Some resources that might be particularly relevant for you might be: 

How to use the app 

How to add a stream to a facebook page  (Example of a Livechat attached to a FB page

How to customize the default twitter sharing message 

Scheduling and preparing content 

Covering an event in real time doesn't mean that you have to write like crazy. You can schedule your content ( and you can also rely on our raw feed. Clicking on the ScribbleLive Icon you can access all the streams that are live in your stream, even if they are unpublished: it is very helpful if you want to prepare content before the actual event, such as bios, reports, featured articles. 

How to access your raw feed 

What is a raw feed and how it works

Internal syndication

Since this will be a multiple-panels coverage I suggest you to try and replicate what Canadian Olympic Committee did during the recent winter Games in Sochi. Here is an example

If you click on the link you will see that they located in one page a Mega-Stream with all the updates about the Canadian teams performaces. The idea was to provide to the readers "the place to go" to be updated about everything was happening during the olympics. However beside they also placed different banners that refers to specific streams (see attachment 1) related to every single team. 

How to implement it?
The idea is that you create the "small streams" then you get the syndication ID and you place it each one of them in the "main stream". 

This will allow you to offer both the updates of the entire conference day and leave the option to follow a specific stream related to a specific panel.

Content Atoms- POLLS

Every single piece of content published in a ScribbleLive stream can be used autonomously in any other part of your website and platform: you can take a comment or a discussion and publish it in a blog post. If you want to have an interactive part in the profile of the movies but you do not have an engagement too high, you can decide to publish just a poll where the audience - for example - can rate the movie.

How to get a post for a content atom

How to create a poll



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