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getting comments via email
How to activate a dedicated email address

explain the call to action and explain the interaction opportunities
How to add the introduction: either in the csm in the part above the stream or consider using the LiveArticle (learn more about the Live Article

Organize a livechat or a q&a with the protagonist the week after the broadcasting of the episode

How to manage a Q&A

Create specific content spread in the website that can create engagement

- just a poll
- a single picture with the comments "on"
how to get the code for individual pieces of a stream

Create a stream attached to the FB so that you can have a forum or a space of discussion there
How to add a stream to a facebook page
How to customize the "live button"

Social Promotion and Distribution tips

1) How to change the twitter handle when content is shared
For every single stream that you create, you can change the twitter handle and the message when the stream or a single content is shared.
From within the stream you go on SET UP> SHARE

This will help you to increase your results on twitter, and to improve the sharing of your content and the link back to your website.

2) How to use the stream start time and the event reminder to gather email addresses

When you set up a stream you can also start to promote it before the actual start time using the "stream start time option" in this way you can start to promote the link before the coverage starts. Example is here

This mean that you can get valuable email addresses from the promotion activities and if they opt in than this email addresses will become part of the profile of your audience.

3) Use the Article within the Stream when gathering tweets
When you want to create a collection of tweets I suggest you to use the Article rather than a simple post in the stream.
you can create it from the dashboard (Create Article) and then you can attach it both to the specific stream or as a standalone content in the whitelabel

The great thing of the article is that it is both very helpful for wrapping up content but also as a way to reach out influencers: you can mention their tweets and when you click on the megaphone you will see that there is an option that allow you to notify every single person from which you take a tweet. There is a great potential to increase the visibility of your whitelabel/streams.


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