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by Allendria on Sep 20, 2013 at 4:51 PM
Air Canada and Spafax: Our Renewed Partnership

Few relationships make me as proud as the one we have with Air Canada. Over the years, we’ve partnered to develop a true network of gold-standard media products, from the world’s best inflight magazine to award-winning social games to the curation and programming of the richest inflight entertainment in North America.

Central to our service is the desire to enhance the conversation between Air Canada and its customers in a highly entertaining manner and across as many touch-points as possible. But it doesn’t stop there. Equally important is the revenue that has been generated for Air Canada by commercializing their media products. Together, we’ve developed over 175 ways to connect brands with the Air Canada customer and we’ve generated millions of dollars in the process.

So how do you top this kind of success? By renewing the relationship for another 5 years! In the words of Craig Landry, Air Canada VP Marketing, “By renewing our relationship with Spafax, we will be able to take our vision for this innovative platform to the next level and establish Air Canada Media as one of the country’s most successful cross-platform media brands.”

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