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Alice Munro's daughter accepted Nobel Prize for literature on behalf of her mom Live

Alice Munro's daughter accepted the 2013 Nobel Prize for literature today on behalf of the Canadian author.

The scene of today's ceremony:

Nobelmiddagen. Påminner mig om när jag var liten och mamma satt bänkad framför tv:n i många timmar. Själv tyckte jag att Nobeldagen var världens tråkigaste dag. #nobel #nobeldagen #december
by frumaskros via Instagram

Alice Munro is famous for writing short fiction, and has been called the "master of the modern short story" by representatives of the Nobel Prize. Here's more background information on the author:

Alice Munro

Alice Ann Munro (née Laidlaw; born 10 July 1931) is a Canadian author writing in English. Munro's work has been described as having ... via WikipediaWikipediavia Wikipedia at 1:47 PM

The impact of the prize has been significant.

Munro said she had no regrets about not going to Sweden to accept the world herself:

Alice Munro, In Her Own Words: 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature
by Nobel Prize via YouTube
"I was [confident] for a long time. I became very unconfident when I became grown up and met a few other people who were writing, and I realized it was a much harder job than I'd expected. But I never gave up, at all, it was just something I did."


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